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Welcome to Siyakhula Dry Ice

Dry Ice Pellets, Nuggets and BlocksSiyakhula Dry Ice is an innovative Dry Ice manufacturing company in the Cape region of South Africa.

We supply dry ice pellets, nuggets and blocks to the local industry and general public in the Western Cape.

There are a growing number of applications for dry ice, as users realise the no-mess and triple strength cooling factor that dry ice offers over conventional wet ice. Dry ice is available in 3mm and 6mm diameter pellets, 16mm nuggets, 1 and 5 kg blocks, making it versatile and suitable for most applications.

We at Siyakhula Dry Ice pride ourselves in pioneering and developing new markets for this excellent product. Our site is aimed at educating the market as to what dry ice is, safety aspects of handling dry ice, what forms dry ice is available in. In addition, our site advises dry ice users where dry ice is available in the Western Cape.

We are sure that you will find all the information that you require regarding dry ice, on our web site. If you would like to discuss any of the technical aspects or potential applications, feel free to call us on (021) 905 9392.



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