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What is Dry Ice

Dryice blocks manufactured from CO2 gasDry ice is manufactured from pure liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) in a controlled environment. CO2 is stored in liquid form by maintaining specific pressure and temperature in a pressure vessel, known as a cryogenic tank. The CO2 liquid is piped into an expansion chamber, where the CO2 pressure is released and changes from liquid to gas. Using favourable techniques, a portion of the CO2 gas will convert to a white soft "snow", which is compressed into pellets, nuggets or blocks of dry ice, depending on the process that is employed.

The compressed Dry Ice maintains a temperature of -80º C (Water changes into ice at 0º C). If left exposed, dry ice will rapidly attempt to lower the surrounding temperature to its own. In doing so, the dry ice will lose mass through the transformation from solid CO2 into CO2 gas. This is known as the sublimation process. In a closed environment (i.e. a cooler box), the dry ice will reduce the product and surrounding air temperature, thereafter maintaining temperature for a specific period of time. The variables of time and temperature can be calculated to provide optimal control for the purpose that it is required. Assistance in establishing the best fit can be supplied by our technical department.

Dry Ice pellets in a storage binAs Dry Ice is inert, dry and leaves no residue during the sublimation process, it can, with suitable precautions, be easily managed and transported. It has become well entrenched in a number of industries throughout the world. It is used in most major cities as a low cost refrigerant for cooling a range of applications, such as being an integral part of the food processing chain, the transporting of perishable foodstuffs, as well as the rapid cooling and cleaning of engineering components.


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